SMS Text Messages from your device

Be Informed..

GSM Products from SeNd Technology allows your process or machine to remotely communicate with you and your service team. Our products are built to work in all industrial environments where a mobile signal is present.

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Simple SMS Message Control

The Mobi range can send multiple SMS and Email messages to a number of different recipients. They can be configured to send messages on both the input closing and opening.

All Devices

ALL PLC's, Intelligent Relays and electronic devices can drive the GSM Modem using simple volt-free switch input.
Most PLC's can also transmit data by using their standard transmit and receive command through the RS232 port on the modem.

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Remote Control

A volt-free change over relay can be activated remotely to enable remote control/shut down of the machine or process
(Please note this should NOT be used in any safety critical operations). Our simplest devices just use your caller line ID to ensure you are an authorised user.

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Low running costs

Most of our product run from a low voltage DC supply making them ideal for automotive and battery backed applications.
Utilising a standard pay-as-you-go SIM to connect to the mobile network all you pay for is the low cost message (from just a few pence a message!).

Add value to your machine/process and minimise downtime and avoid wasted site visits by installing a SeNd Technology GSM Product today.


Send your own SMS Messages
from your remote machines.

Save money on wasted site visits.

Be informed and in control.

Applications include:

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Remote Pumping Stations
  • Coin - Operation Machines
  • Alarm Systems
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Machinery OEMS
  • Water processing
  • Refrigeration Sites
  • Cargo Handling
  • Car Parks