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SeNd Technology was formed to provide simple solutions to provide communication between remote, unmanned, machines and processes. In recent years our product range has expanded into the home automation, security and care markets.

Primarily based around GSM technology our devices are simple to use, install and, due to their competitiveness, offer a fast return on investment. With 15 years experience in this market we can advise of the best product for you application.

The majority of our products just require a simple switched input to generate an alarm or fault message. This can be sent to multiple mobile phones or logged, using our simple software. We can also provide secure remote control functions from your mobile phone. Click here for more details

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Product News:


12 input channels including digital, analog (temperature) and counter plus 2 relay outputs. Send SMS, email and tweet messages.


GSMWhiteBox- Low cost 2 input SMS Alert Device
The new GSMWhiteBox is a compact SMS text alert module which can send a custom text message to two recipients when either or both of its two volt-free digital inputs are triggered. . ..More

Battery powered, IP65 waterproof SMS alert system. Ideal for outdoor applications where no mains power is available such as remote outbuildings, tanks, caravans etc.. Sleep mode only wakes the product on an event trigger or schedule so the battery can last up to 2 years.... . ..More

S-PIR - Security Motion detector with SMS Alerts
PIR motion/heat detector with built-in GSM. Protect homes, offices, shops, boats, caravans with the S-PIR - when triggers a SMS alert is sent to your mobile and then you can listen-in to the secure area via the S-PIR build-in microphone. With battery back-up for power fail alerts. . ..More

Mini PLC with GSM
Mitsubishi Alpha XL PLC with built-in GSM modem allows live data to be sent by SMS. Ideal for process and production systems.
Click here

Multi-function Care Monitor with SMS text alerts.
SeNCit checks for regular movement and sends a text alert if the person being monitored has not gone about their daily routine and therefore may have fallen or be ill in bed. SeNCit can also check the room temperature is OK, if there is a power cut and night wandering. The SeNCit+ adds a wireless door sensor to alert for wandering via the door ..SeNCit Web site

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Up to 12 inputs - 8 digital, 2 analog, 2 counter and 2 relay outputs - send SMS, Emails and Tweets
GSM Remote Control Caller ID Controlled Relay Output. Ideal for gates & barriers plus Asset Management.
GSMOutdoor Alert
Battery powered GSMAlert
2 digital inputs send custom SMS - IP rated enclosure and up to 24 months battery life.
mini PLC sends live data by SMS
Sends SMS messages on input change
S-PIR sends SMS alerts

Mini PLC - AL2-GSM+
Compact GSM combined with micro PLC. Send "live" info by SMS Message plus full micro PLC functionality.

GSM Control+
2 Inputs (Digital or Analogue),
2 Relay Outputs. Multiple SMS Message, Free CLI Remote Control. Battery backup.

S-PIR Security Alert
PIR motion/heat detector with SMS Alerts built-in. Microphone for remote monitoring plus mains failure SMS alert.

Click for info
GPRS Ethernet Router
Octalarm IP
SMS plus real speech voice alerts
over standard land line & via IP broadband links
SM Router
Now connected your IP enabled devices to the mobile network.

Low cost SMS Text Alert
Device with two inputs & one
output plus battery option

GSM Alarm+
Monitor & control heating from your mobile phone
GSM Alarm+
8 Digital Inputs, 1 Relay Output. Multiple SMS/Email Messages with Multiple Recipients, Battery Backup
GSM Comfort+
GSM Remote Temperature monitor & Control. Change temperature via SMS plus Alarms by SMS
GSM/GPRS Terminal
is a quad band GSM modem for the transfer of data, SMS and faxes in GSM networks.
Built-in EIA-RS232 com port
Log incoming SMS messages in one place on your PC and forward by email etc...
GSM Outdoor Switch
Switch outdoor mains equipment, monitor temperature and light level by SMS
SeNCit Care Monitor
Award winning care monitor checks for regular movement, home temperature, wandering and more
































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