Room Temperature Monitoring

Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is key to most people but it particularly important to the elderly. If a room gets too cold, then this increases respiratory problems, heart attack and stroke risk. SeNCit can monitor the room temperature and alert carer/s when there is an issue of concern.


How it works..

SeNCit has a built-in temperature sensor. It constantly monitors the ambient temperature around the device and will send a SMS text alert message when the temperature falls below or rises above adjustable limits.

A drop in temperature could mean the central heating has failed or the individual has switched heating off due to their concerns over fuel bills. The carer or relative can then offer assistance to fix the problem.

The SeNCit temperature check feature can be configured into night mode so that alerts will not be received if the temperature falls below the set point during the night as the heating may be turned off during this time. It will however send an alert if the heating fails to start in the morning and the room does not regain a comfortable temperature level.

During the summer months excessive heat can also be a problem to the elderly and by configuring an upper acceptable temperature limit, the SeNCit can also warn if extra cooling is required.

What product do I need?

SeNCit is very simple to order.

Just order the SeNCit kit and you get Regular Movement, Temperature, Power Monitoring, Night Movement, Home Security and All OK features included, all in the one device.

SeNCit kits also come with a power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, a built-in internal antenna, User Guides, PC configuration application plus USB cable and a pay-as-you go SIM card. Everything you need.

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9am SeNCit sends an alert to Mrs Jones neighbour as the room temperature is below 16 degC
9.10am Neighbour arrived with portable heater and blankets and help arrange to repair heating

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