Home Security

If the home is left unattended for any period of time, SeNCit can be turned into a security system. By utilising the movement sensor, it will detect any unauthorised movement when the security mode is activated.


How it works..

SeNCit's movement detector can be used as a security sensor when the home is left unoccupied. SeNCit will then send an alert message when it is next triggered to inform that unauthorised movement has been detected. You can then call for help and warn the home owner before they return.


SeNCit security mode is easy to activate:

Any one of the authorised message recipients just has to call the SeNCit unit from their phone. SeNCit will automatically end the call after a few rings and this will arm the security mode. A confirmation SMS text message will be sent to confirm it is now in security mode. To disarm, you just repeat the process - a brief call will switch the SeNCit out of security mode and back into care monitoring mode

What product do I need?

SeNCit is very simple to order.

Just order the SeNCit kit and you get Regular Movement, Temperature, Power Monitoring, Night Movement, Home Security and All OK features included, all in the one device.

SeNCit kits also come with a power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, a built-in internal antenna, User Guides, PC configuration application plus USB cable and a pay-as-you go SIM card. Everything you need.

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Sun Mr Smith leaves his home to stay with his family for a few days

Mr Smith's daughter 'rings' SeNCit to start Security Mode - House is now protected whilst empty.

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