Main Power Cut Alerts

A mains power cut can be a problem if not discovered and rectified quickly. Without lights and possible heating it can be very disorientating and potentially dangerous. SeNCit has an internal battery which enables it to send an alert SMS messages when the mains power has been cut or even if the SeNCit unit is unplugged.


How it works..

SeNCit has a small internal battery which is constantly charged whilst the main power supply is connected. SeNCit will monitor the main power supply to the device and if this is cut or unplugged will automatically switch to battery power.


If the main power remains off for five minutes SeNCit will send a SMS text alert message to one of more of the message recipient e.g. Relative, carer or a close neighbour. They can then offer assistance to the person in getting their electricity supply back on.

When the main power is reconnected SeNCit will send a message to confirm the power is back on. If the power remains off for a longer period then SeNCit will run on battery for a short while and inform by text message before it shutdown completely.

What do I need to order?

SeNCit is very simple to order.

Just order the SeNCit kit and you get Regular Movement, Temperature, Power Monitoring, Night Movement, Home Security and All OK features included, all in the one device.

SeNCit kits also come with a power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, a built-in internal antenna, User Guides, PC configuration application plus USB cable and a pay-as-you go SIM card. Everything you need.

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9pm Mrs Jones has a power cut
9.01pm Mrs Jones son receives an alert message informing him the power has been cut.
9.02pm Mrs Jones son calls his mum to inform that he is dealing with the problem

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