Night Time Wandering

People with dementia can be a danger to themselves and a live-in carer if they awake during the night and wander within the home. A live-in carer or spouse will also have a disturbed sleep if they feel they always have to be listening out for their charge.  SeNCit can monitor for this night time movement.


How it works..

At night, rather than monitoring for no movement as per during the daily time periods, SeNCit can be configured to switch into night movement mode.  This means that during the night hours, alarms can be triggered if movement is detected.

If person being cared for has risen during the night and may be as risk then an alert can be sent to the carer to wake them so they can assist.

SeNCit can also be configured to 'ring' the home phone as well as send the text alert message to the live-in carer.  The ‘ring’ alert is a more instant way of attracting attention.


Like all of SeNCit's features this can be adjusted to suit the individuals sleeping patterns or switched off completely.


What product do I need?

SeNCit is very simple to order.

Just order the SeNCit kit and you get Regular Movement, Temperature, Power Monitoring, Night Movement, Home Security and All OK features included, all in the one device.

SeNCit kits also come with a power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, a built-in internal antenna, User Guides, PC configuration application plus USB cable and a pay-as-you go SIM card. Everything you need.

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2am Mrs Jones gets up and walks downstairs towards the front door
2.01am SeNCit detects night movement and 'rings' the home phone.
2.01am Mr Jones wakes up and helps Mrs Jones back to bed
2.05am SeNCit resets itself for night mode.

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