SeNCit Installation

SeNCit is very simple to install and configure.
Just follow these 4 steps:

Step 1:

Determine the best location to mount the SeNCit unit.

The ideal position is in part of the home where regular movement will occur during certain times of the day. The hallway or landing are ideal as you would expect movement to be in these areas during the morning - on the way from the bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen. At lunchtime you would expect movement between the living room and kitchen and in the evening movement from the living room to the bedroom.


If you have the SeNCit+ product you can also install the wireless door sensor to the main external door.


Step 2:

Configure the SeNCit unit using the PC configuration application.

This will allow you to adjust no movement times, temperature alerts, alert message recipients etc.. Its really simple.

We have a number of simple to follow configuration videos in our support area to show you how to adjust these settings. Click here to see these.


Step 3:

Register and insert the mobile SIM card into the SeNCit unit.

If you are using a pay-as-you-go SIM card you should ensure that there is sufficient credit on the account at all times. We would recommend using a low cost monthly contract SIM card or an auto-top-up SIM card.

Insert the SIM card into the SeNCit unit. See Video



Step 4:

Plug the SeNCit power supply into a nearby main socket and route the cable safely to the SeNCit unit.


SeNCit is now Active and in monitoring mode

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SeNCit User Guide

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