Door Open Wandering

Wandering, especially in dementia patients, is a big problem if not detected instantly as even a few minutes delay can mean an individual has wandered out of reach. By monitoring external doors, wanderers can be discovered quickly before they disappear.


How it works..

SeNCit+ comes complete with a wireless door sensor which is easy to fit to an external door frame. When the door is opened, the sensor is triggered and SeNCit+ will instantly alert the carer/s that an exterior door has been opened.

SeNCit+ can be configured to 'ring' a home or mobile phone before it sends the alert SMS messages. This feature is designed to alert the carer, who may be elsewhere in the same house, that their charge has opened an external door. They can then react quickly to the situation. This gives carers a greater chance of finding the wanderer safe and sound.

For those not needing this feature specifically, a time delay can be added so that it can alert the carer or even the individual that they have accidentally left an exterior door open so they can check and secure it.

The SeNCit+ door sensor can be attached to most door frames and has a small internal battery which will last up to 18 months. The sensor also incorporates a bogus caller button. This can be used to send an alert message when pressed to inform carer/s of potential bogus callers at the door of the concerned individual.

You can add a maximum of two door sensors to each SeNCit+ unit. This will allow you to monitor the front and back door of most homes.

What product do I need?

SeNCit+ is very simple to order.

Just order the SeNCit+ kit and you get Regular Movement, Door open wandering, Temperature Monitoring, Power Monitoring, Night Movement, Home Security and All OK features included, all in the one device.

SeNCit+ kits also come with a wireless door sensor, a power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, a built-in internal antenna, User Guides, PC configuration application plus USB cable and a pay-as-you go SIM card. Everything you need.

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11am Carer is in the back garden
11.12am Mr Smith leaves the house by the front door
10 seconds later SeNCit+ immediately 'rings' the carers mobile and sends a text alert message
30 seconds later Carer meets Mr Smith at the front of house before he wanders out of sight.

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