GPRS/EDGE Ethernet Router

GPRS/EDGE router SMER75i interconnects equipment with ethernet 10/100 or serial interface via GPRS/EDGE technology into Internet or intranet – i.e. computers, Lan equiped PLCs, Motion Controller, LAN networks, ATM, cameras etc.

As standard the SMER75i is equipped eith an Ethernet 10/100 and USB-B port.
On request of customer we can deliver version with optional port 1 - RS232 or RS485 or MBUS or inputs/outputs (I/O).

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EGDGE Router
Core Features:

  • Interface ETHERNET 10/100, USB 2.0 - B, on request optional port 1 - RS232/RS485/M-BUS or I/O (CNT)
  • DHCP – automatic IP addressing in LAN network
  • HTTP server – administration via web interface
  • NAT – address translation between outer and inner network
  • SMS info – SMS following power supply on, while loosing connection or by using GPRS
  • Remote control possibility via SMS (off/on connection etc.)
  • IPsec – VPN encryption protocol for secure communication
    Support of OpenVPN - secure connection via encrypted tunnel
    DynDNS – dynamic IP address support
  • NTP – time synchronization
  • SNMP for MBUS or I/O port communication
  • Support of NAT-T and X.509
  • Online information on GSM signal strength
  • L2TP - tunnel protocol implemented
  • Support of VRRP
  • Dual SIM card version for communication back up and roaming
  • Secure configuration changes of router groups via network


EDGE router SM ER75i interconnects large variety of equipment into Internet or intranet, namely computers, controlling systems or LAN networks. It is possible to connect any equipment with ethernet interface and due to optional port 1 (delivered on request of customer) also equipment with interface RS232/RS485/MBUS (ATM, industrial metering devices, GPS etc.). You can also order inputs/outputs (I/O) on port 1.Because of advanced EDGE technology is communication speed 236 Kb/s. There is not problem to transfer for example pictures from cameras (traffic, crossroads cameras, security cameras, problematic spots in towns etc.). If EDGE technology is not available, SMER75 communicates in slower GSM/GPRS system – speed up to 85,6 Kb/s. EDGE router SM ER75i is easy to use. Very important is user friendly configuration environment via web browser (HTTP) that is protected by password. It is also possible to use SNMP protocol for diagnostics, MBUS or I/O port reading. Interesting feature is also SMS remote controlling from mobile phone – for example on/off connection.


GSM module Cinterion MC75i
Comply standards 3GPP TS 51.010.–1,v5.10.0
EN 301 511, v9.0.2
EN 55022:1998, A1:2000,
A2, Cor:2003
EN ISO/IEC 17025
EN 60 950:2001
Frequency bands EGSM850
Output power Class 4 (2W) for EGSM850
Class 4 (2W) for EGSM900
Class 1 (1W) for GSM1800
Class 1 (1W) for GSM1900
GPRS parameters GPRS Multi slot class 12
EDGE Multi slot class 10
Mobile station class B
Temperature range from –20 ºC to +55 ºC
Power supply 10 V to 30 V DC
Energy consumption up to 3,5 W (for EDGE)
Dimensions 30×90×102 mm (DIN ledge 35 mm)
Weight 140 g
Antennal connector FME – 50 Ohm
User interface Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
USB 2.0 – connector USB–B
on request RS232/RS485/M–BUS
or inputs/outputs (I/O)


Additional RS232 or RS485 serial ports
Dual SIM card

MBUS Interface

IO Interface



conel ER75i


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More Details:

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Programming Tools:

Via build-in web server over ethernet.


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