PC Based SMS Monitor & Logging System

The rapidly increasing deployment of intelligent GSM devices has lead to numerous SMS messages being dispatched from remote, unmanned, machines and processes. Single messages to one mobile phone may be fine for a single site but when multiple messages are being transmitted from multiple GSM devices the management can become difficult:

MessageHQv2 solves this problem.


MessageHQv2 combines a local GSM SMS receving hardware with SMS monitoring and logging software to give you a complete remote site management system.

Incoming SMS messages from your remote SeNd SMS alert devices or mobile phones are logged and displayed in on your PC is a simple table format


Now you have a log of any alarms generated in one simple application.

Forward incoming messages to:

View/Analyse details in local text file:


Contact SeNd for more details...



Log incoming SMS messages
Time/date stamp incoming SMS
Forward SMS to Email
Forward by SMS with filtering
Store to text file by event,
day or total
Push to Website
Store in database

Forward to email:



MessageHQv2 kit include the HQ GSM hardware and software - Just plug into your PC and go.

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Alpha AL2-GSM
Mini PLC with GSM

Alpha AL2-GSM
PLC functionality with the ability
to send live data via SMS
Click for details.