The GSMComfort + is a self-contained temperature monitoring device, which can control & inform you of temperature of remote unmanned processes, equipment and buildings by SMS.

GSMComfort+ has a NTC temperature probe which can trigger a SMS message to one of multiple recipients after a temperature has been risen or fallen by a set point - Its relay output can be controlled automatically (thermostat) or by SMS or free "ring" control.

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Core Features:

  • Automatic Temperature Control.
  • Adjust set point via SMS
  • Be alerted, via SMS, when temperature falls or rises above set limits.
  • Send SMS’s to multiple people.
  • Switch heating ON/OFF remotely
  • Program scheduled events
  • Add custom SMS commands e.g. “HEATOFF”
  • Works on a low-cost PAYG Sim Card
  • Temperature probe included.
  • Frost protection feature
  • Remote configuration via SMS.


Main benefits:

  • Be informed and in control of the temperature
    via your mobile phone.
  • Simple device – easy to configure
  • Automatic message send on power failure and reconnection (battery backup version)
  • Program scheduled events
  • Program up to 100 user-defined events
  • Works on a low-cost PAYG SIM Card
  • Switch remotely with full security and feedback
  • Local and remote configuration.

Application example:

Refrigerated Cold Store

Cold room temperature suddenly rises? GSM Comfort+
sends a SMS message to the local service engineer and
informs the central office. It switches the output ON to
try to restart the chillers and if successful sends the
engineer a message to prevent a wasted trip.


GSM Suite - Configuration software
GSM Antennas - various options for different situations
SIM Cards
Power supplies

All available as part of the GSMComfort+ Starter Kit


In line with existing thermostat:


Contact SeNd Technology:

Tel: +44(0)1488 668 337

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More Details:

GSM Comfort+ Data sheet
GSM Comfort+ User/Installation Guide

Programming Tools:

Easy set-up via

GSM Suite Software.
Local and remote configuration

GSM Suite Quick start guide (pdf)

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